entrepôt trade

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entrepôt trade

a form of INTERNATIONAL TRADE, mainly confined to COMMODITIES such as tin and tea, where goods are temporarily imported into a country and then subsequently re-exported to other countries as part of a complex chain of physical distribution and financing deals. See FREEPORT.
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entrepot trade

a commercial operation whereby goods are imported into a country and re-exported without distribution within the importing country (see IMPORTS, EXPORTS).

Entrepot transactions are confined in the main to COMMODITIES such as tea and tin, where a MIDDLEMAN located in a particular commodity centre (London, for example, in the case of tea and tin) can arrange for the sale of the commodity and its world-wide shipment to customer countries.

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Lucero noted that over 45 days have lapsed since the said meeting and "we see no progress in the re-exportation arrangements for the mis-declared plastic synthetic flakes that arrived in the Mindanao on 21 July 2018."
"The provisions of this circular whose object is the import, transfer, conversion and physical re-exportation of foreign currency by non-resident travelers comes into force as of December 1, 2017."
The recommendations indicated the importance of studying the Convention of Origin and definition of the COMESA and to focus on the role of the private sector and its role in the development of production and work to benefit from the re-exportation within the framework of the COMESA as a transit point for many member countries.
During our visit to DAFZA, we discussed re-exportation and promising investment opportunities to build vibrant free zone areas.
The seventh chapter introduces us to "re-exportation" in Hong Kong and explains it using secondary data.
It bans exportation or re-exportation of any of the listed species," Al-Hasawi stated.
The first edict allows 100% foreign capital-owned companies to carry out value-added the activity of re-exportation and logistic services.
The general license issued three years ago "authorizing the exportation or re-exportation of medicine and basic medical supplies to Iran" remains just as it was then.
"Also, Bahrain will become the re-exportation hub of Chinese products from the kingdom to other countries.
He added that Dragon City in Bahrain will become a re-exportation centre for Chinese products from Bahrain to the countries of the region.
Meanwhile, green groups and civil society organizations gathered at the Canadian Embassy last week to call for the "re-exportation" of their toxic wastes.