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The separation from First Data creates rich opportunities for Western Union to continue to strengthen our brand, expand and deepen our relationships with consumers and agents, and re-invest our strong cash flow in growing the business.
The main theme of Re-Invest is to attract investments for the renewable energy sector.
They've got PS150 to invest in stock for a market stall and a pop-up shop with the idea that they re-invest their profits in more stock.
As a result the Treasury has granted special one-off permission for them to re-invest that money in the Rock - or any other ISA account.
Coun John Lines, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: "The redevelopment of the Meadway will allow us to work with developers to provide decent homes and re-invest in council properties.
They should re-invest some of their huge profits in training their staff on how to deal with customers' complaints.
The other point is that we must re-invest a sizeable chunk of the fee to replace Adebola.
But the challenge of sustaining one-industry towns is "hard slogging work," he says, and business people must re-invest in their communities by creating development corporations and establishing local foundations.
As profitability and cash flow continue to improve, companies will be better positioned to re-invest in human resources," Mosler said.
It is their intention to re-invest their cash when the market has reached the bottom.
It's the same with TESSAs - this year is your last chance to start a new TESSA (Tax Exempt Special Savings Account) or to re-invest the proceeds of a maturing one for a further five years.
Members of St Faith's Church in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hants, will be told to re-invest the money.