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(192) A rational actor would not invest valuable time, energy,
poses a challenge to the predictions of the rational actor model, at its
Additionally, it assumes rational actors, defined as states having situational awareness of their external environment and behaving logically to achieve their own goals.
(56) To a fully rational actor, assuming the benefits of an active choice outweigh the costs of deliberation, the specification of the default should be an irrelevant feature of the choice setting, but with respect to some persons, this feature appears to be choice determinative.
Though Iran foreign policy does not revolve around single personality because guardian council exist which provide some sort of organizational patterns, but still supreme leader is innovative enough to motivate the others.At the global level, Iran Clearly defines its goals through the process of rationalization which falls under rational actor model.
This explains why an otherwise rational actor begins making seemingly panicky and incomprehensible moves," US-based award winning author and president of the National Iranian American Council Trita Parsi writes in his op-ed for Al-Jazeera.
If he is a rational actor, deep down, Erdoy-an must know that he cannot solve the Kurdish question by only military means.
In his latest book, Misbehaving, he tells, roughly chronologically, of his initial doubts about the standard economist's "rational actor" model and how those doubts led him to set his research agenda for the next 40 years.
The history of the Islamic Republic demonstrates that Iran is a rational actor, however, not a suicidal one.
In the mainstream theory of institutional change, there is no real human agency, because what a rational actor will choose is already structurally determined.
The emergence of social networks has "changed the predictive role of the rational actor and provided a venue for individuals to exhibit behavior that does not fall into the traditional model of the rational actor" (Gordon, Baldwin-Philippi, 2013, p.6).