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Mack Collier's Consulting Rate Sheet as of August, 2013.
That translates to increases on the rate sheet and decreases for the loan officer's bank account, not to mention the possible negative impact on customer relationships and referral sources.
CallKey said that it provides a wholesale rate sheet optimised for various regions, including the European Union, where distributors are allowed to set their own tariffs, in this way determining their profit margins.
A copy of the new rate sheet is available at Town Hall.
The ad rate sheet posted on the Localist Web site shows ads ranging in price from $75 to $225.
As with most business deals, what's stated on an advertising rate sheet is subject to negotiation.
As a baseline from which to begin these negotiations, loan officers work from a rate sheet, which details the number of discount points the lender requires for any given nominal interest rate, as well as the length of lock, or commitment period for that rate.
They can get the rate sheet for a particular customer, download a file into a spreadsheet if necessary, and review product information and manuals.
com to download an application or view an updated rate sheet for Florida.
Both prices were below the official rate sheet for winter, spring and fall, and of course, way below summer rates, which would have been $179 and up for us and $599 for the suite.