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For more information regarding mortgage rate locks and other aspects on finding the best loan rates and terms, please visit LoanLove.
Early rate locks or forward commitments are lender agreements that allow cooperatives to secure a desirable interest rate, yet delay closing until the pre-payment window has opened.
Corresponding Interest Rate Locks Enable Borrower to Avoid Fluctuations and Refinance At A Lower Rate
The Loan Love video explains how mortgage rate locks work and gives some advice to homeowners on how to use this tool to their advantage.
Lockpoint Xtra[R] is an electronic rate-lock system for secondary market application that provides real-time, feature-adjusted loan-by-loan price quotes and enables conduits to take direct electronic rate locks from correspondent lenders.
16 Reconciliation of cash earnings excluding gain (loss) on treasury rate locks: Cash earnings $2,569 $1,667 $5,911 $3,933 (Gain) loss on treasury rate locks, net of tax (504) -- 376 -- Adjusted cash earnings $2,065 $1,667 $6,287 $3,933 Reconciliation of cash earnings excluding loss on treasury rate locks per diluted share: Cash earnings per diluted share $0.
com now features dynamic questioning to speed the loan application process, immediate access to credit data, instant loan approvals and rate locks as well as value-added information for consumers researching home loan options.
Warren Bank's new wholesale broker Web site enables their brokers to view interest rates, request rate locks, monitor loan status and view underwriting conditions online.
The level of rate locks is a general indication of the level of mortgage production that can be expected in the near term.
has announced that 66 percent of the company's rate locks and 67 percent of funding orders were done on the Internet-based wholesale mortgage lending Service MOAI [SM] (Mortgages Online At InterFirst).
Given IndyMac's performance in the first quarter, our current strong pipeline and our expectations for the remainder of this year, we now project that earnings per share, before the effect of the change in accounting for rate locks discussed below, will range from $3.
The main obstacle in doing so is confusion as to how to integrate rate locks on the exposure side and options on the coverage side, due to uncertainties, respectively, about their closing or being in-the-money on the option expiration date.