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Reference bibliography widely details the philosophy of rapid prototyping (Aust & Isaacson, 2005; Drieessen et al.
CRP has also developed a process that is based on the combination of rapid prototyping technology, to manufacture the disposable pattern, and investment casting technology (lost wax casting), which it claims is superior in every respect, including the quality of the end product.
The second, and becoming more widely accepted is the use of rapid prototyping tools and' equipment.
In terms of its utility in the computer-aided engineering process, there are still some unavoidable limitations with rapid prototyping.
Continuous evolution of 3D printers driven by severe pricing pressures has made concept modeling and rapid prototyping affordable for most end users, thereby spurring explosive growth.
The lesson--if you want to bring any of the following rapid prototyping machines into your house, you had better invite a CAD-proficient employee along as well.
Provides part or mold development, rapid prototyping, and moldmaking.
There are so many companies out there that want to buy rapid prototyping machines and need access to this technology," Linde continued.
In many ways, we were in rapid prototyping before the term even came out, because we used to have people hand-carve wood patterns for us.
Rapid prototyping involves the transformation of computer designs into three-dimensional objects, speeding the design process for everything from cell phones to medical equipment.
But then you discover a viable option that you believe would allow for completion of the component--using rapid prototyping to create a pattern for investment casting an engineered metal component.

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