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The software tools for rapid prototyping had to answer to the scalable design concept in the control task and were designated after a careful and critical evaluation of more available environments: Matlab/ Simulink, Dymola, 20-Sim and LabView.
Marketing may use rapid prototyping for look, feel, styling, and acceptance in consumer group testing.
The advantages that rapid prototyping can provide the design-to-cast component process are becoming more readily discovered and benefiting those involved.
Our experience in the rapid prototyping and emulation markets will significantly benefit Zycad in achieving its corporate goal," stated Bijan Kiani, managing director of InCA.
While I'm a firm believer that 31) modeling and CNC machining have made a huge impact in the casting world, I am not yet convinced that some of the 'next level' of rapid prototyping equipment is necessary," said Mike Kuebler, John Deem manager--quality, sales and service.
Survey respondents represented approximately a third of the world's current installed base of rapid prototyping systems.
The firm uses rapid prototyping technology to create chemically-bonded sand molds or cores using only CAD data and delivers a finished, fully machined component to its OEM customers.
Exhibitor Listings Includes CAD/CAM systems and software, flow and cooling simulation/analysis, and rapid prototyping.
Proceedings from the 2001 Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Conference, SME, Dearborn, Michigan (2001).
MINNEAPOLIS -- (Nasdaq:SSYS) Rapid Manufacturing (RM), the technique of creating production-grade parts directly for end-use with rapid prototyping equipment can provide speed and lifetime cost benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques, such as injection molding, for some products.
Although a majority of these are traditional investment castings, up to 60/month are implantable castings produced via rapid-prototyping using an ABS pattern built by a Stratasys FDM rapid prototyping system.
Also new at the show were factory automation software and new equipment and materials for rapid prototyping systems.

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