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Geographic correlation between Lyme disease incidence and death rates for each of the other conditions was assessed by using the Spearman rank correlation ([r.
The relationship between total spending and each setting strengthened over the study period for all settings except OP, which moved from a rank correlation of 0.
0 statistical program along with Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Pearson's rank correlation in the following tests: the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Lilliefors tests, independent t-test (Student's t test), Mann-Whitney U-test and chi-square test.
Correlations between the visual prostate symptom score, international prostate symptom score and maximum and average urinary flow rates Spearman's rank correlation All follow-up visits (N = 155) Coefficient p-value (r) VPSS V.
Relationships among the reproductive parameters and weevil infestations were examined using Spearman Rank Correlation when assumptions of parametric testing could not be met (Zar, 1984).
The consistency of the estimates of all 16 experts determined applying the Kendall's rank correlation method has shown that the opinions of the experts about the impact of the interaction of the TS elements on the accident rate on the road are similar.
inaequalis collected and temperature or precipitation were quantified using Spearman's rank correlation analysis (PROC CORR) to detect the effect of environmental conditions on S.
The rankings of six methods are then compared with the final ranking (the arithmetic average of each row) results using the Spearman's rank correlation coefficients in order to demonstrate the capability and effectiveness of each method.
If one or both of the variables are not given in a suitable quantitative form, an alternative approach can be used to measure the degree of correlation, which is expressed in such cases as Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.
This shows a positive correlation between the ranking of the project related factors under traditional and green building projects since a high value of rank correlation coefficient suggests a strong agreement between the two groups.