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In contrast, the Randian perspective would be that rules and traditions can only be judged based on objective evaluation through the use of reason.
Again with the needless and unhelpful Randian categories.
(83) Voir Matthew Lewans, Roncarelli's Green Card: The Role of Citizenship in Randian Constitutionalism >> (2010) 55 R.D.
All three have platforms of Ayn Randian disregard for big government, tax cuts, gun control, and "Obamacare." One of them, Michael Agosta, received the support of the Republican Party; Shevchuk is using this against him.
Although the revolution made some progress, it by no means created the Randian state assumed by its detractors.
Greenspan who, in fairness, was skeptical of some Randian precepts, nevertheless applied similar open-and-shut reasoning to economic policy during his long chairmanship of the Federal Reserve.
Liberty has no DNA." (120) Even if respect for the nature of existents has some role in a general explanation of meaning, as I have urged, the objection is that this Randian account is overly realist.
Given that critical context and the recession-driven boomlet in Randian thought, Ayn Rand and the World She Made and Goddess of the Market are not simply well-timed explorations of an enduring writer.
Ditko went on to produce dull Randian comics starring right-wing superheroes, while Spider Man was never the same again.)
The co-founder of Extropy Institute, a Southern California body-builder and Ayn Randian named Max, had his last name changed from O'Conner to More, because "I was going to get better at everything, become smarter, fitter, and healthier." (10) The co-mingling of serious theory and policy consideration with a grab bag of techno-utopian projects makes for easy targets for the biocons, diverting the debate from core substantive issues.
One repeated theme was the conflict between strong individuals and larger institutional powers--an Ayn Randian theme incidentally reflecting his own life.
Here one need only think about what academics mean when they say "my work," as in "I can't wait till I'm done teaching so that I can get back to my work." Teaching doesn't count as work because, within the Randian logic ironically embraced by academics who readily dismiss her writing, its public and institutional nature renders it necessarily uncreative.