running ahead

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Running ahead

The illegal practice of trading in a security for a broker's personal account before placing an order for the same security for a customer.
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Running Ahead

An illegal act in which a broker or other representative, just before filling a large order on behalf of a client, conducts a transaction in the same security on his/her own account. A large order to buy or sell usually affects the price of a security; the broker conducts the transaction hoping to profit on the movement in price after he/she fills the client's order. This is a form of insider trading, as the broker filling the order knows something about the market's probable movement that other market participants do not know. It is also known as tape racing.
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running ahead

The illegal purchase or sale of a security by a broker for his or her personal account before execution of customer orders in the same security. If a brokerage firm issues a negative report on a company, a broker acting on the report for his or her own account before telling clients about the report would be running ahead. See also front running.
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Out through the cheering streets they fared, while the greenwood men ran ahead and flung gold pennies right and left in their joy, and bade the people drink the health of the young couple and the King.
The boys were standing by the windmill, talking about the dog; some of them ran ahead to open the cellar door.
I had seen jaloks hunting in packs, and I recalled now what for the time I had not thought of--the several that ran ahead and turned the quarry back toward the main body.
One Eye ran ahead cautiously, his mate at his heels.
Eudosia had interpolated the word "hundred," quite innocently, for, as usually happens with those to whom money is new, her imagination ran ahead of her arithmetic.
He quickly entered the small reception room with its still-unplastered wooden walls redolent of pine, and would have gone farther, but Anton ran ahead on tiptoe and knocked at a door.
To close the distance on the second bull, we ran ahead 60 yards to intercept him.
According to analyst Mickael Van den Hauwe, a lower revenue is inevitable, but the management ran ahead by reducing dividend per share by 17% to EUR 6.50 (USD 9.16), bringing it in line with the cash flow.
Smith said he wetted curtains for a mask and took puppy Daisy while the older dog ran ahead.
Around 3,000 people - nearly half of them foreigners - ran ahead of six bulls and six steers along the cobblestone route.