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The son of Raincheck also proved top class over fences, and might have become the first to achieve the Champion Hurdle-Gold Cup double had the ground not been bottomless on Gold Cup day in 1975, causing him to finish third behind Ten Up.
Anyone contemplating tying the knot while dressed in varios shades of pink and floating in a hot air balloon over 350 close friends should take a raincheck.
In those days, if a game was postponed and rescheduled as part of a doubleheader, it wasn't hard to find seats for 15,000 raincheck holders alongside 15,000 advance-ticket buyers.
THROUgH JKeothavong Odd BAll JGrace Jones RAINcHEcK JAndy Roddick's wife Brooklyn Decker scours SpEcTAclE Kevin Pietersen wife Jessica
She said: "There's just a tiny problem, nothing too serious, but we have just had to take a bit of a raincheck with him.
There was a smattering of old songs, Brown Eyed Girl, Gloria, Days Like These and some of Morrison's own favourites such as When You're Smiling and some newer songs, You Win Again, Precious Time and Raincheck.
In the episode in which Carly breaks up with Hemingway, she tells him Ray Charles will perform at the Raincheck Room at the bus station.
Taking a raincheck seemed a strange thing to do - if the layers were in the dark as to what the weather would do next, punters were certainly no better placed to know.
WeatherBill's technology platform also powers Raincheck.
His string of Leeds firms, which traded as Seal Point and Raincheck, bullied pensioners into buying useless weather-proofing for their homes.
First Semi: 1 Bomber Graham, 2 Monteney Prince, 3 Wine Matters, 4 Barefoot Trader (m), 5 Droopy's Intruder (w), 6 Raincheck (w).