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"Bid rigging, combinations or conspiracies to restrain competition, and the making of false sworn statements in connection with the submission of bids are unlawful and may be subject to criminal prosecution," the RFQ states and it also requires the bidder to swear "the price(s) and amount of this bid have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication, or agreement for the purpose of restricting competition with any other contractor, bidder, or potential bidder."
RFQ platforms such as Bloomberg's SwapTrader or Tradeweb generally restrict quotes to three dealers at the moment.
Council Member Inez Dickens, an African American legislator born and bred in Harlem, expressed her satisfaction at the timely release of the RFQ stating, "I am pleased that the RFQ for the development of permanent, cultural space in the 125th St.
Buyers post RFQs with detailed job requirements--including part drawings, CAD files, and other documentation--and molders search those jobs for work that best suits their capabilities and capacity.
Applicants may obtain a copy of the RFQ by registering online and downloading the document and its attachments from the HPD website at, or by visiting HPD at 100 Gold St., Manhattan, Room 4-01 from 9 a.m.
Rather than working under the RFP process, however, they've decided to use an RFQ, which will streamline the procurement process from 23 to 16 months.
protests the evaluation of its quotation as unacceptable and the subsequent cancellation of request for quotations (RFQ) No.
The draft Request for Qualifications (RFQ) describing in detail the proposed approach can be found on the Picatinny web site(