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(48.) The following discussion of the qualities that characterize REMFs comes from Shay 1994, 154-60.
an Army REMF in 1970; the I Corps theater in the northernmost provinces of South Vietnam vs.
Desk Warrior: Memoirs of a Combat REMF. New York: Pearson, 1999.
The story of the "typical" Vietnam veteran would be an account of a rear-echelon participant (derisively referred to as REMFs) far from any combat role.
The environment from which REMF Muslim groups grow includes conditions both inside Muslim societies and perceived threats from outside the ummah (nation or community).
* Muslims must carry out a staged process (manhaj) in accordance with Sayyid Qutb and other REMF Islamists, and focus on building the ideal society, one governed only by the Shari'a.
However, REMF Islamists are adept at distorting the traditional, widely accepted understandings to support their violent and non-Islamic actions.
Most of the REMFs had at least some college; a few were graduates.