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There were 70 taxpayers listed for this district, with 20 noted as shoemakers, several of whom paid between 500 and 800 reis each in taxes.
Note on Forward Looking Statements - This press release, together with other statements and information publicly disseminated by Reis, Inc.
The cash portion of the purchase price is to be funded by a loan extended to Reis by a financial institution aggregating $27,000,000 (of which $25,000,000 can be used for Merger consideration and the payment of related Merger costs and the remaining $2,000,000 can be utilized for future working capital needs) and WRP's cash on hand.
Lloyd Lynford and Jonathan Garfield, the chief executive officer and executive vice president, respectively, of Reis, who together own approximately 37% of the outstanding Reis shares, have agreed to vote their Reis shares in favor of the merger.
Those additional offerings will include, but are not limited to, a Submarket Comparison report that will provide a comprehensive view of past performance, future expectations, and relative risk/reward rankings for all submarkets in any Reis metro; and a Unit Mix Analysis report for the apartment sector, which will break down multifamily inventory of each Reis submarket by number of bedrooms per rental unit.
Already, Reis offers by far the widest sale comparable coverage for Office and Apartment properties available today.
The speed with which we brought the Apartment sector online is the product of our clients' enthusiasm for the module and our own commitment to it," said Lloyd Lynford, CEO of Reis.
announced today the launch of an online Valuation and Credit Risk Analysis module powered by the same proprietary data and forecasts behind the Real Estate Indexes that Reis prepares exclusively for the Wall Street Journal.
In performing these services, Reis will employ its leading-edge valuation and credit event system, Fusion, to benchmark Freddie Mac's own internal models.
GMACC, Bank of America and Lend Lease Real Estate Investments have started to enable 2,500 users of the Reis SE service collectively, with the system's detailed data and analytics for office, industrial, retail and multifamily properties in 80 markets across the United States.