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In addition to the ones already discussed, Margaryda Martins and Branca Goncallvez, both living in Viana, were noted on 22 October owing 275 and 900 reis, respectively.
GMACC is to deploy the system on approximately 500 desktops nationwide, while Lend Lease plans to deliver Reis SE to about 1,300 users.
In the 35th minute, Reis made a diving stop on Chris Albright, whose shot from about 8 yards was headed for the lower right corner.
Note on Forward Looking Statements - This press release, together with other statements and information publicly disseminated by Reis, Inc.
The move by Reis continues a strategy of enhancement that during the past twelve months has also seen the introduction of 87 new apartment markets, an increase in frequency of new construction data releases, and the provision of alerts functionality that informs Reis users of newly discovered transaction and construction activity in markets that are of interest to them.
Additions to inventory can have a significant impact on the competitive landscape within defined geographic areas," says Reis Chief Economist Dr.
Reis CEO Lloyd Lynford added, "The enhanced CMBS | Deal Analyst report unlocks the power of direct access to Reis's property, transaction, and capital markets databases and forecasts.
Reis has performed merchant banking and management consulting services through First Western Capital, LLC, of which he is the founder, managing director and owner, and through which he provided consulting services to a subsidiary of GAINSCO, INC.
If the Merger with Reis (as described below) is consummated, then WRP would change from the liquidation basis of accounting to the going concern basis of accounting upon the effective termination of the Plan.
For the current calendar year, Reis projects that both asking rents and effective rents are poised to grow at their fastest rates since the national market's peak in 2000.