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And there are people with a rare genetic mutation of the gene DEC2 which causes them to physiologically need less sleep than the average person.
So, there are rare mutations that provide rare people with rare protective mechanisms that provide rare benefits for their lives.
My field is engaged, impacted and challenged by rare genes, rare mutations, rare deletions and rare duplications that form the basis for rare diseases.
A rare orange lobster was also discovered in a shipment of the Fresh Catch in Attleboro, Mass., ( WPRI reported .
A DISEASE is termed rare if it affects less than one person in 2000.
Rare diseases are called progressive diseases because as the person ages, the disorder increases in intensity, restricting movement, stunting growth and reducing life expectancy.
DOCTORS feel that the situation for those with rare diseases has improved in terms of availability of treatment and diagnostic tests but early diagnosis is still far cry.
- establishing national cross-sectoral action plans for rare diseases
- ensuring adequate definition, codification and inventorying of rare diseases and developing guides to best practice to provide a framework for recognition of these diseases and sharing of knowledge and expertise
For The Spanish Tragedy, Craig says, the 78 rare pairs he has tested so far put Shakespeare ahead of the other favored candidates.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in England also hosts a sweeping effort to propagate rare, fragile, or cantankerous species from around the world.
Some 30 rare North American plants are now under study by tissue-culture specialists at the Cincinnati Zoo.