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Also, the Funds said that if completed, RAP and RIF will become a single closed end fund and if RAP shareholders approve their merger related proposals, RAP will make a self tender offer for up to 20% of its outstanding common shares before the merger closes.
They told him he resembled singer Kanye West and challenged him to rap.
The total volume of RAP milled in Lithuania during the last few years amounts to about 112 thou tons, approx 80% whereof is being added to HMA in the proportion of up to 20%, as required in the aforementioned The Specification of Technical Requirements for Automobile Road Asphalt Mixtures "TRA ASFALTAS 08", and about 20% is being used in the production of cold mix asphalt mixtures.
After Adele hung out in the studio while he and Labrinth, 27, recorded their hit Earthquake, he said she recorded some "really filthy" rap verses.
A multi-lingual rapper, Makki raps in both English and Arabic.
RAP is a central institutional resource at UCSF, administered by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost's Office and its component Research Development Office (RDO).
There was some degree of correlation between growth of the producing strain and Rap biosynthesis.
IAG's RAP sets out 16 achievable and sustainable commitments that range from embedding awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures among its people, through to providing career development opportunities for talented indigenous university students.
How much is the Saudi youth in general accepting rap music?
It's true that the Arabic is difficult, there are other languages more suitable for rap, but with regular practice you can manage to do it well.
His theoretical and epistemic point of embarkation vis-a-vis rap and Hip Hop self-consciousness demand our fullest attention and the best of our critical cognition.