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'The additional quota provided by China will help balance Cambodian rice exports to the international market,' he said.
He said that since the employment quota had expired in 2013, it should have been extended through constitutional amendment without any delay.
The of Scottish Fishermen's Federation chief executive Bertie Armstrong said: "Once again Greenpeace are guilty of painting a completely false picture of the UK fishing industry to match their particular prejudices." The Scottish Government said fish quotas "must be managed for the common interest and to ensure the sustainability of stocks".
Briefing the cabinet on the existing quota, the secretary Establishment Division said that special dispensation was given to Balochistan and its share was enhanced from 3.5% to 6%.
Lebanese Forces Secretary-General Chantal Sarkis also said that current discussions were not focused on women's quotas. But she did not deny that the issue is on the agenda.
OTE recalled that in 2013 the fact that the peak of Tunisian olive oil exports to the EU coincided with a minimal monthly quota explains that Tunisia has not been able to exhaust the entire annual quota with 36% of exports actually exempted from customs duties.
CNOOC, which holds less refining capacity, won a quota for 15,000 tonnes as an "experiment", said the third source, who has direct knowledge of CNOOC's trade operations.
Mega Plus includes five different bundles that start from EGP 100 at 1Mbps speed and a 100GB quota.
Iran's OPEC governor, Hossain Kazempour-Ardabili, sent a letter to the group's secretariat before the meeting proposing "a technical price formula that can resurrect the quota system and also prevent prices from falling," Shana reported.
According to this year's figures, Austria overshot its milk delivery quota by 3.6%, triggering a levy of some 29 million, while Germany (7 million), Denmark (5 mn), Poland (4 mn) and Cyprus (343,000) also face significant penalties.
The number of Member States exceeding their quotas remains limited and the concerned surplus production accounts for 0.1% of all milk delivered or covered by direct sales (0.2% in the previous milk quota year).
The countries most impacted by the European Commission's quotas include Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal who have each faced reductions amounting up to hundreds of tonnes of various fish.