quiet period

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Quiet period

Time period an issuer is "in registration" with the SEC and may not promote its forthcoming issue.
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Quiet Period

1. A time during which the issuer is not allowed to promote a new issue. The quiet period begins on the filing date when the issuer registers the security with the SEC and ends 25 days after the security is actually issued.

2. A time during which a company's employees may not change the portfolios of their retirement plans. This usually occurs when the company sponsoring the plans is making some administrative changes. It is more commonly called a lockdown.
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quiet period

1. The period of time during which a security issue is in registration and the issuer is not permitted to promote the issue. The quiet period begins during the filing period and ends 25 days after the security begins trading.
2. See lockdown.
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The agitation thrilling through the country and army in consequence of this news was so great, that private matters were little heeded: and hence probably George Osborne, just gazetted to his company, busy with preparations for the march, which must come inevitably, and panting for further promotion--was not so much affected by other incidents which would have interested him at a more quiet period. He was not, it must be confessed, very much cast down by good old Mr.
Of the 50 explosions that occurred, 35 had preceding quiet periods lasting 30 minutes or longer.
Seymour goes on to explain that refurbishment programmes should ideally be targeted at quiet periods to reduce the revenue effect of taking rooms and facilities out of operation.
As the SEC-imposed restrictions on publicity are lifted and as underwriters' limitations on hype and recommendations are removed, stock prices tend to become more volatile and thus more risky, thus supporting the argument that quiet periods and lockout periods generally serve their intended purposes.
This study explores the theory that quiet periods and lock-out periods have an effect on the market risk of a stock.
So the companies would have to purchase a surplus of small buses for the quiet periods which would cost a fortune.
The service, run by the train operating companies, employs five Welsh-speaking staff, but at night and during quiet periods, just one Welsh-speaker is on the shift rota.
Everyone has stormy periods in their life and also those quiet periods of dark anxiety, waiting for disaster to strike.
The decision would mean that during quiet periods at night during the week, work on the track can be carried out for longer periods.
More than a dozen Belfast eateries have signed up to the site which gives posts special offers and daily discounts on to the site in order to boost business during quiet periods.
Correspondingly, investors must respect formal quiet periods and times when management essentially knows the unpublished results.
Staff have been protesting at plans to introduce an electronic system which they feared would lead to them being sent home in quiet periods and asked to make up the time during busier days.