quiet period

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Quiet period

Time period an issuer is "in registration" with the SEC and may not promote its forthcoming issue.

Quiet Period

1. A time during which the issuer is not allowed to promote a new issue. The quiet period begins on the filing date when the issuer registers the security with the SEC and ends 25 days after the security is actually issued.

2. A time during which a company's employees may not change the portfolios of their retirement plans. This usually occurs when the company sponsoring the plans is making some administrative changes. It is more commonly called a lockdown.

quiet period

1. The period of time during which a security issue is in registration and the issuer is not permitted to promote the issue. The quiet period begins during the filing period and ends 25 days after the security begins trading.
2. See lockdown.
References in classic literature ?
The agitation thrilling through the country and army in consequence of this news was so great, that private matters were little heeded: and hence probably George Osborne, just gazetted to his company, busy with preparations for the march, which must come inevitably, and panting for further promotion--was not so much affected by other incidents which would have interested him at a more quiet period.
Seymour goes on to explain that refurbishment programmes should ideally be targeted at quiet periods to reduce the revenue effect of taking rooms and facilities out of operation.
So the companies would have to purchase a surplus of small buses for the quiet periods which would cost a fortune.
Examining the quiet periods for a sample of 1,018 IPOs: 83 from 2002 and 2003, 508 from 1997 and 1998 and 427 from 1992 and 1993, we find that the ambiguity of the regulation translates into mixed results regarding its effectiveness.
More than a dozen Belfast eateries have signed up to the site which gives posts special offers and daily discounts on to the site in order to boost business during quiet periods.
Correspondingly, investors must respect formal quiet periods and times when management essentially knows the unpublished results.
These restrictions and quiet periods and the completion date stipulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision severely limited the number of days in which the Company could repurchase stock.
As for the rest of the year, studios have boosted the ante by opening major projects every weekend, even during September and October - traditionally quiet periods for moviegoing.
Except during quiet periods, the business outlook posted on our website reflects current guidance unless and until updated through a press release, SEC filing or other public announcement.
It is the company policy of @Road to recognize quiet periods at the end of each quarter.
During quiet periods, the company does not publish, update or discuss its business outlook.
This information can be used to influence the levels and timings of network use, for example compelling users to utilize networks during lowest cost and quiet periods.