Quantitative research

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Quantitative research

Use of advanced econometric and mathematical valuation models to identify the firms with the best possible prospectives. Antithesis of qualitative research.

Quantitative Research

Economic and/or market research in areas directly related to mathematical data. Quantitative research is based exclusively on facts such a P/E ratios, GDP growth, and other data that are objectively measurable when recommending investment decisions to clients or brokers. See also: Qualitative research.
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Agricultural Development in Qing China: A Quantitative Study, 1661-1911
Contract notice: Market quantitative study on the dematerialized cultural practices of 8-14 years.
The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine what, if any, impact that attending a four year old kindergarten program had on five year old kindergarteners reading ability as measured by Dominie testing, compared to those five year olds who did not attend a four year old program at Inman Elementary School.
The interviews served as a qualitative prelude to a large-scale national quantitative study that Coleman Insights and knowDigital will release later this month.
Viswanthan and colleagues adopted a quantitative study comparing the simulated congestion flow rates, among other things, of three so-called bottom-up models.
The authors believe this is the first quantitative study to examine socio-economic position as a factor explaining high rates of gender violence among Aboriginal women.
The winner was chosen based on responses from owners of 2013 model-year vehicles in Strategic Vision's quantitative study of 17,568 owners.
Our first issue of Middle Grades Research Journal for Volume 7 begins with a quantitative study followed by three qualitative studies.
Her article, "Turning Tragedy into Policy--A Quantitative Study," was published in the June, 2011, issue of the American Journal of Nursing.
The sole quantitative study is an analysis of decision support in women in Australia making subsequent birth choices after Caesarian section.
METHOD: A descriptive, quantitative study was performed.

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