Quantitative research

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Quantitative research

Use of advanced econometric and mathematical valuation models to identify the firms with the best possible prospectives. Antithesis of qualitative research.

Quantitative Research

Economic and/or market research in areas directly related to mathematical data. Quantitative research is based exclusively on facts such a P/E ratios, GDP growth, and other data that are objectively measurable when recommending investment decisions to clients or brokers. See also: Qualitative research.
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Vista Biologicals Corporation (Carlsbad, CA) has patented a method for the development of a simple and specific quantitative method for the determination of P.
Indigenous research framework and quantitative method
In fact, one money center bank has developed a quantitative method (similar to credit scoring) by which it evaluates RFPs.
The PGX is a portable contact angle tester that offers a quantitative method for evaluating the interaction between a liquid and sample.
On occasion, however, the subjects he addresses require the use of a quantitative method besides, for instance, when he examines the question whether there was an "inflation" of friars in the fifteenth century or discusses the financial problems of Franciscan nuns (le Clarisse) or analyzes varieties of Quattrocento hagiography.
Jordan and Franklin have written a practical and thorough text that moves beyond the restricted view of assessment as simply a qualitative or quantitative method, and includes assessment tools illustrating both perspectives.
has patented a quantitative method for the molecular diagnosis of autosomal recessive spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) by measuring the amount of cytosolic mRNA from human muscle cells.
Still, the authors wrote, "integration of GIS technology into routine field epidemiologic surveillance can offer a scientifically rigorous and quantitative method for identification of unusual disease patterns in real time.
Quantitative Methods for Decision Making Using Excel, by Davis Glyn and Pecar Branko, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2015, Pages 660, Price Rs.
Consultancy: To Conduct Research On Child Trafficking And Commercial Sexual Exploitation Of Children Using Qualitative And Quantitative Methods In Selected Locations In Solomon Islands.
More specifically, this article explores the importance of requiring and offering critical quantitative methods courses in graduate programs in Black Studies, and discusses the methods requirement of doctoral students in Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville.
Research paradigms, design, and process are covered, with two separate sections on qualitative and quantitative methods.

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