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The obtained values of the quality factor from measurements are: 0.69, 0.9, 1.14, and 1.85.
To provide a comparison of all filters and separators tested, Figure 16 shows quality factor at 150 1pm.
Ha and Jang (2010) have primarily treated the quality of the service encounter as a multidimensional construct that is most often the result of guests' subjective evaluation of several quality factors, such as the process of welcoming guests, acceptance of orders, guest attendance, and so forth.
Once the quality factor and resonant frequency of the effective circuit have been calculated, the effective permeability can then be determined [28] using Eq.
[H.sub.4]: There is a significant relationship between the knowledge level of municipality employee, as a service quality factor, and customer satisfaction.
Korea Arabia PR China Thailand Japan 10 5 4 2 2 Time in Centre 1 year 6-11 5 months or more months or less 4 3 16 Table 2 Summary of Positive and Negative Incidents Quality Factor Positive Negative Access 2 1 Attentiveness/helpfulness 4 2 Availability 0 2 Care 2 0 Commitment 4 0 Communication 5 4 Courtesy 1 4 Flexibility 6 2 Friendliness 4 0 Functionality 0 4 Placement/promotion procedures * 2 4 Reliability 0 2 Responsiveness 1 3 Security 2 0 Service milieu * 4 0 Socializing * 5 0 Teaching/learning experience * 4 12 Total 46 40 * = Additional quality factor Table 3 Quality Factors: Illustrative Positive and Negative Incidents Category Incident Access (+) Student enjoyed using the free bus service.
Mineral component quality factor was calculated as the ratio of activity of FGC-50 prepared using studied sand to the activity of FGC-50 prepared using sand of Volsky deposit, MPa [5].
Therefore, it is mandatory to analyze the influence of the passive components on the signal by using the eye diagram, the quality factor and the probability of error (BER).
On the other hand, the quality factor Q quantifies the attenuation as the percentage of energy lost in a cycle at a certain frequency (Kjartansson, 1979), and methods to apply inverse Q filtering have been developed and applied to seismic data (Margrave, 1998; Wang, 2002), and their performances compared (Montana and Margrave, 2005).
In this paper, we introduce the effect of curvature of a conformed circular microstrip printed antenna on the effective dielectric constant, resonance frequency, input impedance, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), return loss ([S.sub.11]), quality factor, and bandwidth of such antenna.
The design of a SIW resonant cavity relies on the accurate determination of both the resonant frequency [f.sub.r] and the quality factor Q of its dominant mode [8].
The design of a resonant cavity based device relies on the accurate determination of the resonance frequency and the quality factor of the resonator.

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