quality assurance

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Quality Assurance

The processes a company or organization uses to make sure its products do what they are supposed to do. There are two primary aspects of quality assurance. The first ensures that a product functions. That is, if a product is supposed to cut watermelons, quality assurance operatives see to it that it is designed in such a way that it actually cuts watermelons. The second works to eliminates mistakes so the products are created as they are designed. Quality assurance may be conducted in almost any industry. See also: Quality, Quality control.

quality assurance

an overall organizational commitment to the detection and prevention of QUALITY problems in order to maintain specified levels of product quality. Quality assurance involves managers and employees from all functional areas (production, marketing, purchasing etc.) in collaborating to design and produce more reliable goods or services (‘quality assurance groups’). In addition, small groups of supervisors and employees within each functional area may be formed to identify and solve quality problems (QUALITY CIRCLES). See TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, QUALITY CONTROL.
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For organizations that already have an in-house or licensed data quality system in place, the Data Quality Assessment can provide an objective, third-party audit of the system's performance.
Results support our hypotheses that performing a quality assessment amplifies the effect of directional goal commitment on auditors' acceptance rates and their assessments of the quality of the client-preferred method.
Unlike preferability determinations, however, the quality assessment does not involve public reporting; it is informed input to help management and directors meet their corporate governance responsibilities.
With fish, the whole process is often carried out in atrocious conditions that are hardly conducive to real quality assessment.
The Windows-based GUI provides many graphics and a video playback that enables quick and comprehensive quality assessment analysis.
The program is designed to improve quality assessments for special education and ELL learners, says Came Parker, project director for EAP, in part by focusing on a universal design for every child and using professional development that matches teaching to classroom work.
Instead of bringing findings to the Infection Control Committee, a quarterly report is made to the Medical Quality Assessment Committee for dissemination to the medical staff.
Developing perception-based quality assessment test and measurement tools, QoE Systems, today unveiled its Q-Master[TM] HD Video quality analyzer.
Tenders are invited for the hse hereby invites suitably qualified and experienced service providers to submit tenders to provide a hipe data quality assessment tool and lot 2 patient costing and activity benchmarking tool for the healthcare pricing office.
Summarized in the Fall 2001 edition of the OberlKaler Health Law Alert, the 2002 plan continues the OIG's quality initiatives: Nursing homes' proper use of quality assessment and assurance committees will still be reviewed, and surveys asking for the views of family members of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries on the care their loved ones receive in nursing homes will continue to be mailed.
2) She points out that data-based quality assessment will be a strong consideration in changing the system.

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