Qualitative research

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Qualitative research

Traditional analysis of firm-specific prospects for future earnings. It may be based on data collected by the analysts, there is no formal quantitative framework used to generate projections.

Qualitative Research

Economic and/or market research into areas not directly related to mathematical data. Qualitative research is based on the assumption that economic actors, being human beings, are susceptible to acting on factors that may not directly correlate with facts. Qualitative research may look into management practices or brand recognition when recommending investment decisions to clients or brokers. See also: Assurance, Panic selling, Quantitative research.
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Qualitative methods help build knowledge about and expertise on the client's business, industry and marketplace.
RDT tool provides the most comprehensive decision support system, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
The research plan includes an analysis focused on developing quantitative and qualitative methods for detecting the presence of phosphoric acid in asphalt and determining the effect on key components of asphalt binders.
Chapter in part four contains discussion on bridging the two strategies (quantitative and qualitative) and concluding in two final chapters on using the Internet as a place to conduct research and on writing a research report, touching on both quantitative and qualitative methods together.
The techniques range from relatively simple qualitative methods of hazard identification and analysis to the advanced quantitative methods for risk assessment in which numerical values of risk frequency or probability are derived.
The results of this survey which incorporates quantitative methods (survey analysis) and qualitative methods (in-depth interviews) is that Afro-Caribbean and African migrants from Africa are viewed as better or different than native-born Black people by white people, but they are still not seen as model minorities like Asian American groups.
The purpose of this study was to use qualitative methods to gain understanding of the nature and dynamics of adolescent religious exploration and the role that exploration has on identity formation.
The book can be used as a supplement in anthropology and sociology courses in qualitative methods, ethnography, migration, and ethnicity.
Quantitative and qualitative methods of segmenting the individual components allowed the classification, evaluation and optimization of all the sealing tasks.
She is considered an expert in cross-cultural qualitative methods in the field of survey methodology.
Subjects: Sport Sociology, Physical Culture, Qualitative Methods.

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