qualifying ratio

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Qualifying Ratio

The maximum debt-to-income ratio for a mortgage. If one's debt-to-income is not too high, one has a qualifying ratio and is eligible for a mortgage. The qualifying ratio varies by lender.

qualifying ratio

The maximum ratio of debt to income that will still allow a borrower to qualify for a loan. Lenders use two different ratios.The front-end ratio compares housing costs to income.The back-end ratio compares all consumer debt to income. Each lender has its own preferred ratios, which are usually dictated by demands placed by the secondary market or by loan guarantors such as the Veterans Administration.The numbers are not secret,but they change too often to include in a book.Be sure to ask a lender about its qualifying ratios and what exactly is included in the numbers.

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qualifying ratios and compensating factors), often engaging in Monday morning quarterbacking by focusing on early payment defaults.
Department of Energy, EEMs give borrowers the opportunity to finance cost-effective, energy-saving measures as part of a single mortgage and stretch debt-to-income qualifying ratios on loans.
CBMA offers an affordable mortgage program for LMI borrowers through the Massachusetts Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now with below-market rates, liberal qualifying ratios, and lowdownpayment requirements.
And last year HUD announced that homes that meet MEC qualify for a 2 percent stretch on loan qualifying ratios.
These can include missing or incomplete verifications of employment and deposit, a failure to document adequately the borrower's source of funds invested in the transaction, approval of a borrower with high qualifying ratios in the absence of sufficient documented compensating factors or with poor credit history, or a miscalculation of the maximum mortgage amount.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac responded by expanding qualifying ratios - the "2 percent stretch.
According to HUD, the lender under this pilot program will first process the mortgage application and qualify the borrower using the standard underwriting requirements and qualifying ratios under FHA rules.