qualified plan

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Qualified Plan

An annuity that one buys along with one's employer. That is, the annuitant and his/her employer both make tax-deferred contributions to the plan for a certain period, with withdrawals coming upon retirement. If the annuitant begins withdrawals before a certain age, withdrawal penalties apply. One may continue to make contributions until a certain age, usually around 65.

qualified plan

An employer-sponsored tax-deferred employee benefit plan that meets the standards of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and that qualifies for favorable tax treatment. Contributions by an employer and an employee accumulate without being taxed until payouts are made at the employee's retirement or termination.
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Example 1: Under a qualifying plan, an employer makes a length-of-service award in the form of a large-screen television set to an employee.
Example 2: Under a qualifying plan, an employer makes a safety achievement award in the form of a pearl necklace to an employee.

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