qualified institutional investor

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Qualified Institutional Investor

An institutional investor allowed to privately place securities with other institutional investors without registering the trade with the SEC. This requires that the private placement be for investment purposes and not for resale to the general public; it also requires that the institutional investors have at least $100 million dollars under management. It is also known as a Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB). See also: Private placement memorandum, Rule 144A.

qualified institutional investor

An institutional investor that is permitted by the Securities and Exchange Commission to trade private placement securities without registering the securities with the SEC.
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The shares will be sold through a private placement to investors outside the United States as well as to US qualified institutional buyers.
0 percent senior convertible notes due September 16, 2009 to qualified institutional buyers.
The Discount Notes were offered only to qualified institutional buyers, as defined in Rule 144A under the amended Securities Act of 1933, and certain investors outside of the United States under Regulation S under the Securities Act.

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