Qualified endorsement

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Qualified endorsement

A signature on the back of a negotiable instrument transferring the amount to some other party but that includes wording that limits the endorser's liability.

Qualified Endorsement

An endorsement on a financial instrument, such as a check, that limits the endorser's liability. That is, the endorser may write "without recourse" as a qualified endorsement. It indicates that the endorser is not responsible in the event that an institution such as a bank refuses to make payment on the instrument.
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Despite qualified endorsements from foreign observers following the vote, many Algerians and observers believe the official turnout figure of 43 percent and each party's score have little correlation with reality.
McClaren has had qualified endorsements from both Gibson and Keith Lamb on the Three Legends Century Radio show and has had to fend off repeated stories of internal discontent.
Arguing against New Historicists and Cultural Materialists who see the plays as qualified endorsements of absolutism, Hutson stresses how they move from Richard's tyrannical misuse of the law in Richard II to Henry V's willingness to let his intentions be determined by the law (in the person of the Chief Justice) at the end of Henry 1W Part 2, thus making the tetralogy potentially subversive of monarchy's claim of absolute power.

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