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It is very basic: qualified circulation is the number of copies and the numbers will always be different.
SLM also produces seven qualified circulation e-newsletters including "Eco-Advantage Strategies," published monthly, the weeklies "Sustainable Business News," ""Sustainable Brands Weekly," "Climate Management Weekly" and "Sustainable Sourcing Weekly," and "Greener Design Update" and "Greener IT Update," both published every other week.
The first issue, produced last year, had a qualified circulation of 4500 practicing energy attorneys, legal faculty, judges and industry professionals worldwide.
They confirmed our qualified circulation at nearly 5,200 copies and approved us for membership.
Best's Review-Digital has a qualified circulation of 11,364, bringing Best's Review's total qualified circulation to 50,915, according to the May 2005 Business of Performing Audits Worldwide statement for Best's Review.
By 1980, IMPO's qualified circulation had topped 100,000, reaching plant managers, engineers and maintenance leaders in a range of industries.
You can see that we wanted to front-end the results from that identified market of qualified circulation prospects," Higgins said.
Because we are a qualified circulation magazine, our readers must request a subscription and qualify by job function.
The new local city business newspaper will have an initial qualified circulation of 20,000.

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