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The following year, we raised the women's weapons qualification rate to 92 per cent.
Petty Officer Stearman professionally managed and directed the Reserve Logistics Representative Program as acting Senior Enlisted Leader and Training Department Acting Chief, significantly raising Apprentice and Journeyman qualifications, and achieving a unit qualification rate 25 percent higher than similar FLC units.
Such a low qualification rate is unprecedented in the history of the Islamic Republic.
According to the company, the machine efficiency is >90%; product qualification rate is >98%; the single piece weight of this product is 18 g; the proportion of SAP in core is 38%; deviation [+ or -]5%; and products fully meet design requirements.
And the US star has just obliterated the field and kept up his 100 per cent qualification rate at the United States Olympic trials.
This group's high school completion rates increased by 4.4 percent, their mean exam score went up by 8.3 points, their qualification rate for the Bagrut diploma increased by 19.6 percent, and the fraction of students with university qualifying scores increased by 16.8 percent.
Through the combined effort of these elements, the qualification rate for Afghan recruits rose from 45 percent in January to 97 percent in May.
The new weekly rates are: From 1st pay From 1st pay period on or period on or Current after 1 Dec '07 after 1 Sept '08 Qualification rate ($) ($) ($) Hospital Certificate 15.00 22.50 30.00 Postgraduate Certificate 20.00 25.00 30.00 Postgraduate Diploma / Degree 32.00 38.50 45.00 Masters Degree / PhD 40.00 47.50 55.00 EN Cert.
People from EU countries also have a higher third level qualification rate at 36.4 per cent.
Similarly, through 1998--9, both average training duration and the overall qualification rate had yet to exceed YT levels.
The more traditional approach of an outbound call will also boost your qualification rate. Using current interactive technology, a customer can send a voice message over the Internet that can be responded to in real time by a contact representative.
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