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Exchangors should only hire QIs with fidelity or surety bond coverage.
The 28 MDS-based QIs we consider consist of 24 separate indicators, four of which are stratified into high-risk versus low-risk categories (see footnote, Table 1).
To view a complete listing of QIS implementation dates, visit https://www.
QI 5 Prevalence of depression with no antidepressant therapy
Nursing facilities have recently begun to be monitored via QIs constructed from data elements from the Minimum Data Set (MDS), a comprehensive assessment instrument used by all U.
Select QIs for review based on the percentile rank and previous deficiencies.
The cornerstones of the QMS, the QIs, are derived from items on the Minimum Data Set Plus (MDS+), an enhanced version of the MDS.
The goal of QIS is simple: through a more structured survey process, to improve the consistency and accuracy of care and quality of life problem identification for LTC residents.
Some clients leave millions of dollars in the name of the QI who is to complete their exchanges.
Moreover, many of the current software systems used by long-term care providers cannot produce either real-time or trended reports on MDS QIs, including the new CMS QMs; this results in individual facilities being unable to access their own QM data and, therefore, possibly having to wait for CMS or state agencies to publish their data before being able to evaluate the information and implement appropriate corrective actions.
These tasks, in combination with structured facility reviews, yield 162 Quality of Care and Quality of Life Indicators (QCIs) that are compared with defined thresholds to identify Care Areas for further investigation in Stage II of the QIS.