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"The areas covered in Saudi were Farasan Islands and Farasan Bank, Yanbu and Al-Wajh, and Ras Qasabah. We aim to share the information freely, to plan strategies to protect these habitats."
A reliable security source said the dawn fire in the Irbid first district of Al Qasabah and Wasatiyeh, destroyed the tent, which serves as the election headquarters of the candidate, and that all its contents were completely gutted.
Documents in Killid's possession, including a letter dated Feb 2, 2014, show 64 percent of the apartments in the 179-million USD Qasabah housing project -- also called Amarat Township to honour the United Arab Emirates (UAE) -- has been shared among office and domestic staff of the president and two vice-presidents.
Some of rumors stated that Hind's last entry to Palestine to participate in "Al Qasabah Cinema Festival" came only after she had the Israelis agreed to her entrance.
She also said that she has been dreaming of the visit to Palestine for so long and she was very happy to receive the invitation from "Al Qasabah Festival" management.
She also participated in the fourth season of "Al Qasabah" international cinema festival which was held in Ramallah.
Summary: The famous Tunisian actress Hind Sabri traveled to the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the West Bank for the first time with a number of Egyptian actors to participate in the opening of "Al Qasabah" cinema festival