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Cost, Insurance and Freight

A CPT involving ocean freight. In a CIF, the seller is responsible for paying for shipping and providing a minimum amount of insurance coverage up to the named port of destination, while the buyer is responsible for the transportation risk beyond the minimum coverage as soon as the good or product is loaded onto the ship. Legally, risk transfers when the good or product crosses the outer rail of the ship. A CIF is similar to a CFR, but also requires the seller to provide minimal insurance. See also: Incoterm.

Customer Information File

A file a bank keeps on each of its account holders and other clients. It contains information on account balances, outstanding loans, assets and so forth. It is updated frequently to ensure correct information.
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In the case of a QCIF BL resolution and CIF EL resolution, compared to the JSVM, the ILIP algorithm shortened the TT and ET by 44.74% and 50.41%, respectively, while decreasing the video quality by 0.004 dB.
Parameters Value Parameters Value Resolution QCIF (176 x 144), Codec x 264 CIF (352 x 288), 560 x 416 Bitrate (kbps) 128, 256, 324, Profile Baseline, 512, 768 main No.
The "Salesman" sequence with QCIF format and at the original frame rate of 301s, was used as an input video in these experiments.
(iii) Main experimental parameter settings: Video sequence formats: QCIF; encoded frames: 100; frame rate: 30 f/s; GOP structure: IPPP; entropy coding type: CAVLC; QP: 28, 32, 36; motion estimation search range: [+ or -]16 pixels; the most number of reference frames: 5; Hadamard transform: On; rate-distortion optimization (RDO): On.
Video clip was streamed using 15 fps H.264/AVC encoding at three different average video stream bitrates: 64, 128 and 192 kbps, and two resolutions: CIF and QCIF, set as codec's parameters.
The CCITT has adopted the Common Intermediate Format (CIF) and Quarter-CIF (QCIF) as the video formats for visual telephony.
In the simulations, the video codec is implemented based on H.264/AVC reference software JM15.1 [16], and three video test sequences Foreman, Susie and Coastguard in Quarter Common Intermediate Format (QCIF, 176x144) are used.
Figure 7 shows the first frame of the Foreman QCIF frame size sequence at these bitrates.
Camera is also compatibly to make videos in QCIF resolution with 15fps.
The traces were digitalized using QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) with 176*144 pls, at 25 fps (frames per second).
Apart from camera capability, the TrueNTRY X112 and X113 platforms also feature: advanced audio processing, including dynamic noise suppression, echo cancellation and full duplex speakerphone; integrated polyphonic sound synthesizer and MP3 ring tones; support for QCIF colour displays with 65,000 colours; USB 2.0 controller with built-in charging; Bluetooth interface; an integrated power management solution supporting all phone peripherals; and integrated battery-charging with over-voltage protection.
This convenient, portable, multifunctional unit supports H.320 industry-standard videoconferencing via ISDN lines, T.120 data conferencing, high-speed Internet access through an RS-232 terminal adapter interface, a POTS interface for modem support, and telephony conferencing functions, Videoconferences conducted through a single BRI ISDN line result in vibrant CIF and QCIF resolutions up to 30 frames per second with picture-in-picture function.