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The profitability and growth of GSPs that try to go it alone are likely to suffer, however, in industries where large numbers of their potential customers want the kind of information only a QAE can provide.
The widespread occurrence of QA in combination with the delineation of QA as having many biological dietary properties leading to anti-aging properties such as DNA repair enhancement, anti-inflammation, immune function enhancement, antioxidation and neurogenic effects (13-16), has been a strong motivation to search in a variety of foodstuffs and natural nutraceutical products for the occurrence of CAEs, QAEs and QA.
Army Chemical School Quality Assurance Element (QAE) is dedicated to promoting the highest standard of training.
Il serait difficilement pensable que ce qae l'Esprit Saint realise dans le coe coeur des hommes pris individuellement ait une valeur salvifique, et que ne l'ait pas ce que ce meme Esprit realise dans les religions et dans les cultures" (emphasis added).
Another example is the efforts to rewrite the Quality Assurance Evaluation (QAE) program.
Y agrega: "De manera que decidi escribir sobre dos compositores de samba de principios del siglo XX, uno negro y otro blanco, qae colaboraron y aprendieron uno del otro".
In one case, an employee was hired for a civil service quality assurance evaluator (QAE) position, with primary duties of the position were to monitor a particular contract.
Thus, the dependent variable, Quarterly Apparel Expenditure (QAE), was defined in per capita terms.