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I've got more personality in my little toe than they've all got put together so if it comes to personality there's only one winner.
Arsenal are determined not to give up and have put together a three-year deal worth pounds 130,000-a-week with a signing-on fee to try to persuade him to stay.
AWS has put together a number of sample templates, including ones for content management systems Drupal and Joomla, and the WordPress blogging platform.
We've put together our best run of the season just at the right time and that says a lot about the hard work and effort that everybody has put in.
The competitors, sporting small yellow hard hats, put together a variety of creations that ranged from houses to bridges to iron factories.
But Likud is in a better position to put together a coalition because of gains by other hard-line parties.
Wrexham's Garry Houston put together a level-par 72, while Pontyclun-based Sion Bebb was two over and, like Manley, facing an uphill battle to make the halfway cut.
We also put together some educational material for the school children that assisted with the project as part of the "Teach" in our mission statement," added Merritt.
At the Port Arthur district, students took field trips to botanical gardens to study ecology, but also made blankets for elderly residents at a local nursing home and put together "hurricane bags" with toiletries and other necessities for homeless shelters.
95) by Sharon Fullen and Dianna Podmoroff, BA, MBA, CHRP tells how to put together a business plan from scratch, using it as a vehicle for securing financing from a banker or investor.
In fact, it wasn't until the big man passed away last January that we were able to put together a list of Clichy's fabulous achievements--thanks to a eulogy in the NFHS News: