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‘pull’ strategy

a manufacturing and marketing approach which emphasizes ‘pulling’ products through the DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS by spending on ADVERTISING and consumer promotions (free samples etc.) to increase the final demand for the products, so that consumers' demand encourages wholesalers and retailers to stock it.

In practice, SALES PROMOTIONS campaigns usually use trade promotions as well to encourage wholesalers and retailers to ‘push’ the product. See ‘PUSH’ STRATEGY.

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He describes it as a push-pull strategy to avoid poor management practices.
He advocates a push-pull strategy for central planning by government--guided by experts, such as himself.
This study is the first step toward the application of the push-pull strategy as a tool in the integrated management of the medfly in grape vineyards in the northeast of Brazil.
To support the adoption of the push-pull strategy, such mechanisms must be functional to stimulate the dispersion of the insects in the area and attract them easily to a single site of control.
Out of all the diversification mechanisms, the push-pull strategy reported a consistently positive effect on production, however, this strategy was represented by only one study evaluating effects on production (study 34) (Fig.
The integrated use of repellent and attractive plant stimuli: the push-pull strategy. From the previous section we could infer that repellent stimuli seem to be very effective to reduce pest pressure and increase yield, while trap plants seem not to be as effective and their effects on production remain unclear.
They developed a push-pull strategy to control the com stemborers C.
She points to the fact that advocates for cross-category lifestyle presentations must employ a push-pull strategy: "You must turn on the big people within the stores, and you must turn on the consumer."
Push-pull strategy. "We have a push-pull marketing strategy," Straayer says.