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Although our male clients on average have a lower purchase frequency, which dilutes our overall net revenue per active client, we continue to be pleased with the revenue contribution and profitable unit economics of the Men's category.
According to e-commerce insights from NPDs Checkout, which is based on information collected from more than three million consumers through data provided by our partner Slice Intelligence, the purchase frequency of online apparel consumers increased in the last year, but they spent 5 percent less per receipt.
In fact, according to The NPD Group, while Beauty remained among the faster growing categories in terms of e-commerce purchase frequency, it was also one of the few that additionally cashed in on growth at brick-and-mortar stores.
E-commerce share of purchases is only 5%, which TABS suggests may be due to the high purchase frequency of many household products across multiple channels.
He notes that TABS studies have shown that the online channel performs very well in the baby, vitamin and premium cosmetics categories where purchase frequency is low, there are relatively few items per transaction and the item cost is high.
The introduction of the loyalty programme resulted also in a stronger retention of game players (10% higher after 4 months) as well as increased purchase frequency rates.
Ammunition, which may come as little surprise to you, ranks the highest in purchase frequency (72% in 2015).
The promotion is designed to raise vital funds to support the essential services offered by the charity for our Armed Forces, and also incentivise customers to increase their purchase frequency.
Behavioural shifts were seen in the review period, as many consumers opted to stop purchasing fragrances, only purchase during periods of promotion, or rationalise the quantity used in order to decrease purchase frequency.
The developing level of living and lifestyles will be visible in growing consumption value and purchase frequency.
High price sensitivity and high purchase frequency.
Buyer base, purchase frequency and value sales are all increasing as a result.