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The Smart Apartment Solutions Punchlist application was designed to help streamline the turn process by breaking down the tasks by room with a click-through function that allows the techincian to report if the specified area is in good condition, in need of repair or in need of a contractor.
For customers wishing a less expensive (albeit less-customizable) tool, industry vendors such as Punch List or Punchlist Manager sell software that also works on PDAs and may be compatible with accounting software.
Homebuilders Can Now Manage the Construction Punchlist and Close-Out Processes with Unmatched Cost-Efficiency and Accuracy
Finally, provide close-out related services: develop a punchlist, assemble and review required documentation, review contractors redlines and incorporate into project as-built drawings, produce Final Engineers Report, and participate in the 11 month warrantee inspection.
For the last nine years, Robichaud served as the IT manager for a large BuilderMT home building customer, where he worked to integrate BuilderMT with partner software companies such as Sales Simplicity, Sage Software, and Punchlist Manager.
My advice to both developers and buyers is to try to wait as long as is reasonably possible to close in order to allow most of the punchlist work to be completed.
Process templates are provided to speed punchlist data collection.
Raymond Fischer from Trammel Crow states: "Progress meetings take up most of my time with the travel involved, but most of my aggravation comes from the last 10 percent of the project, which involves punchlist, close-out, and submittals.
Some difficulties in work scheduling and coordination delayed punchlist resolution and job completion until late summer.
Realistic budgets, site approvals, focused researched programming data, complete space planning--developmental through to shop drawing stages, specification-purchasing packages through to general contracting/ trade negoitations & agreements, building and city filing approvals through to overseeing all construction phases to successful punchlist completions are standard.
We also include a punchlist of key questions board members should be considering when evaluating corporate aviation for the companies they serve.
Builders are using Treos to run task management software such as Palm applications, usually PunchList from Strata Systems and Etails from GlobalSoft.