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Sheshunoff Publicly Traded Banking Companies will also offer flexible access to as-filed 10Ks and 10Qs, as well as a database derived from the Moody's FIS Edgar Edge SEC database that facilitates comparisons of various institutions and corresponding financial data.
Three important but unequally studies types of governance were examined: state ownership, publicly traded ownership, and privately held ownership.
Our record performance this past year also delivered a rank of fifth place among our publicly traded, 65-bank peer group in the U.S., or the 94th percentile."
A similar division of broadcasting and newspapers happened at Tribune in mid-2014 -- the newspapers became Tribune Publishing Co., a publicly traded business, while the TV and digital media operations became Tribune Media Co., which while initially privately held, went public in December.
Regulations issued in 1994 provide the applicable definition of publicly traded debt instruments.
For more details of Tribune's publicly traded debt, and the newspaper sector in Monday's trading check out E&P's business-oriented blog at Fitz & Jen blog.
Multiples of metal based businesses trade at a substantially lower multiple than most other industries--Based upon our research, the average EBITDA multiple of large publicly traded non-metals companies with strong liquidity is from 13 to 15.
In addition, the equity market capitalization of publicly traded real estate companies not electing REIT status contributed another $21.2 billion to the total.
Differentiation from the pack is a tough proposition for any publicly traded company nowadays, and the challenge is even more formidable for smaller entities as downsizing and regulatory factors have altered the investor relations landscape.
institutional investors has sent letters to 30 publicly traded insurance companies urging them to disclose their financial exposure to climate change and the steps they are taking to respond to climate-related risks.
The stock prices of black-owned, publicly traded companies have generally improved in the last four years, but some of these companies have suffered major setbacks and their stock has subsequently fallen off its respective index.
In 2002, GAO reported that 4 of the 100 largest publicly traded federal contractors are incorporated in a "tax haven" country that either does not tax corporate income or taxes the income at a low rate.