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public relations (PR)

a general means of promoting a business's COMPANY IMAGE with a view to encouraging customers to buy its products and investors to buy its shares, as well, for example, as influencing government policies on issues relevant to the company. Companies often appoint a PR officer to liase with the MEDIA in providing them with information and news about the company's activities and its record on such matters as CONSUMER PROTECTION and environmental pollution. Sponsorship of sport and the arts, etc. represents an indirect way of building up customer goodwill towards the company's products. See PROMOTIONAL MIX.
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He added that the lack of proper public relation departments in the government sector resulted in the failing of different services that these bodies provide, because of "the absence of proper management and communication, as well as not knowing the strategic role that public relations could play."
The study suggests that Korean public relations practitioners and relatives have to try to lead the public to a positive attitude toward the term Hong Bo, which has been used more frequently than the term PR.
Public Relations (PR) is the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information concerning an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) to the public.
ComCo Southeast Asia won three Gold Anvil Awards for 'Igniting Talent-The Camp ComCo Mentorship Program' for Specialized Public Relations Program, 'Where Movies Come Alive and Move You-The SM Cinema Reel to Real Campaign' for Public Relations Tools: Exhibit and Special Event-Fan or Consumer Experience, and 'Our Strong Connection-The Eastern Communications Internal Rebranding Campaign' for Public Relations Program Directed at Specific Stakeholders-Employees.
22 September 2016 - US-based public relations agency O'Malley Hansen Communications (OHC) has acquired US-based public relations agency Alpaytac Public Relations, the company said.
Public relations clients often include non-profit companies, hospitals and colleges as well as corporations.
This article investigates public relations in Australia in the 1940s and 1950s by analysing representations of public relations in Australian print newspapers, using digitised newspaper archives, and in newsletters produced by the early professional institutes.
Mitchelson joins the more than 4,300 active public relations professionals worldwide who represent an elite group of highly skilled professionals committed to practicing with exemplary ethical standards, including 34 in southwest Florida.
Jill Heggen was promoted to public relations counsel in the Omaha office.
The stars of public relations and communications will shine during the 50th Anvil Awards night to be held on April 17, 2015 at the new grand ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila.
Muscat, Oct.15 (ONA) 1st Oman Public Relations Conference began at the Crowne Plaza Hotel today, under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al- Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service.
In the last two decades, the area of international public relations has grown fast.

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