public lands

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public lands

Land owned by central or local government in trust for its citizens. Most federal lands are managed by the following agencies,depending on a grant of jurisdiction to each:

• Bureau of Land Management (
• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (
• U.S. Forestry Service (
• National Park Service (
• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (
• Bureau of Reclamation (
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (

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To define the scale and distribution of public service land requirements in the City and propose appropriate allocations of public lands for such services.
Your consideration of maintaining free access by all stakeholders to public land is appreciated.
Crater of Grafton, a member of the Grafton Land Trust board of directors and the Trust for Public Land advisory board, said preserving open space is a matter of preserving Central Massachusetts' identity.
The TCPA research has identified that at least 4,500 hectares, worth up to pounds 10 billion nationwide, is registered as surplus public land and it can contribute hugely to meeting housing needs.
Fraternal Order of Eagles found that the sale did not constitute a scheme to keep the religious symbol on public land without violating the First Amendment principle of church-state separation.
During its first term, the Bush Administration made clear its intent to fundamentally restructure the American public lands management system.
Much of the region's public land is still used as the San Pedro once was--like a private feedlot for heavily subsidized ranchers.
This year's event will focus on "Keeping the Promise," by asking people to join together to improve the nation's public lands and to honor the work and sacrifice of the members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, who built more than 800 of America's national and state parks (see story).
A THE QUALITY OF public land varies as much as the quality of private ground.
Located in Newark's South Ward adjacent to Lady Liberty Academy, the playground was built by the nonprofit Trust for Public Land in 1995 to help address the critical need for safe, accessible places for children to play in Newark.

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