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The news has relieved thousands of Lebanese who want to apply for loans through Public Corporation for Housing and the Housing Bank.
Of Puerto Rico et al., Judge Besosa ruled that the federal Bankruptcy Code preempted the Recovery Act, a commonwealth law that authorized certain Puerto Rican public corporations to restructure their debts.
German respondents likewise showed no propensity to link support for Kirchensteuer (tax collection for churches designated as public corporations) to sympathy for Islamic instruction in public schools ..." (143).
THE UPPER HOUSE passed bills which will lead by March 2006 to the privatization of the Japan Highway Public Corporation, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation, Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation and Honshu-Shikoku Bridge authority.
The sorry state of public corporation reform is clear from what happened to the centerpiece of Koizumi's reform plan-the privatization of Japan Highway and the three related road-building public corporations.
The creation of a public corporation to take over postal services and the privatization of the highway-related public corporations represent the first steps in this direction, but just as in the case of non-performing loan disposals in the banking sector, progress has been too slow.
Vested interests aside, the public corporation system is deeply troubled.
Many, or most, of the CEOs of these failing companies were young and had little experience in managing a profit center, much less a public corporation. The business became more complicated than they could handle and change came too fast for them to adjust.
* Selling the Cochrane Station Inn; and establishing a new public corporation for marine services to Pelee and Manitoulin Islands.
The objective of the FILP reform is to create greater efficiency among special public institutions termed FILP institutions - such as the Housing Loan Corporation, Japan Highways Public Corporation, the Japan Investment Policy Bank, the Finance Corporation for Small Business Enterprises and local governments - by forcing them to raise funds on the financial markets, thereby encouraging greater expenditure discipline (Figure 39).
Hershey, for its part, is officially a public corporation, but it has been insulated from outside pressure by the fact that the Hershey Foundation owns a sizeable chunk of the company.
This is most conspicuous in the Privatization Acts of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation and the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation.