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Public Company

A company that has held an initial public offering and whose shares are traded on a stock exchange or in the over-the-counter market. Public companies are subject to periodic filing and other obligations under the federal securities laws.

Public Limited Company

A primarily British term for a publicly-traded company. The term derives from the facts that the company issues shares that may be bought and sold by the general public and all shareholders have limited liability.

Publicly-Traded Company

A company issuing stocks, which are traded on the open market, either on a stock exchange or on the over-the-counter market. Individual and institutional shareholders constitute the owners of a publicly-traded company, in proportion to the amount of stock they own as a percentage of all outstanding stock. Thus, shareholders have final say in all decisions taken by a publicly-traded company and its managers, especially through its annual shareholders' meeting. Publicly-traded companies have greater access to financing than other companies, as they have the ability to issue more stock. However, they are subject to greater regulation: for example, they must file 10-K reports with the SEC on their earnings and they are more likely to be subject to corporate taxes. A publicly-traded company is also called a public company.

Public company.

The stock of a public company is owned and traded by individual and institutional investors.

In contrast, in a privately held company, the stock is held by company founders, management, employees, and sometimes venture capitalists.

Many privately held companies eventually go public to help raise capital to finance growth. Conversely, public companies can be taken private for a variety of reasons.

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The Ministry of Supply submitted a proposal to the cabinet, demanding a legislative amendment to the public business sector law.
Early adoption would be permitted, but not before the effective date for public business entities.
Mr Bunce said: "The public business is actually stronger in 2009 than it was in 2008 - our local support is stronger now than it was last year.
A draft Welsh Language Scheme for the next three years sets out how they will continue to abide by the principle that in the conduct of public business, they will treat the English and Welsh languages equally.
But after receiving media scrutiny over the practice, Culver has changed his policy and has begun using his state e-mail account for public business, the Associated Press (AP) reported.
The plan is part of a Welsh language scheme adopted by the council which aims to make sure that "in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice, it will treat the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality".
In one of several essays in this issue addressing relations between unions and school boards, George Mitchell and Howard Fuller ("A Culture of Complaint," page 18) propose that bargaining be subject to the same sunshine laws that apply to other public business.
These are big contracts that, depending on the sector of the economy they're in, can affect strategies that could mean life or death for companies," says Roberto Baungartner, director of public business at Ticket Services, the unit of France's Accor hotel group responsible for making reservations at hotels, restaurants and transportation.
If the judge's final ruling is that all town councils must comply with the state Brown Act, that requires public business be done in public, there could be a shift in the level of community involvement because of potential liability, including financial obligations.
But Kerr says they are being encouraged to subcontract out portions of their work so there is a balance between large public business and private business involvement.
B]rief invocations of the Almighty before engaging in public business have always .
In addition, the program includes a 300-seat assembly hall, a public business transaction entrance, and a police museum.

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