public offering price

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Public offering price

The price of a new issue of securities at the time that the issue is offered to the public.
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Public Offering Price

The first price for which a company offers to sell stock in itself when it makes a new issue, whether or not that is its first new issue. For example, if a publicly-traded company is issuing new stock, it may set the public offering price at $10 per share for primary trading. Investing at the public offering price can be a risky investment, because one does not know how much demand will exist for the stock after its initial offering; the risk comes from the uncertainty of the stock's resale value. However, it is usually less risky if the company has made public offerings before. See also: Initial public offering.
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public offering price

The price at which securities are offered for sale to the public. The price usually includes any sales commission.
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Liquid Audio Japan Inc., the other issue listed last Wednesday on Mothers, fetched its first quotation of 6.1 million yen Friday, more than double the initial public offering prices of 3 million yen per share.
Brokers said sell orders outpaced buy orders after investors saw the issue fetch its first quotation -- a level 4.5 times higher than the initial public offering price of 11.7 million yen.