Public Book

Public Book (of order)

The orders to buy or sell, entered by the public, that are generally away from the current market. The order book official or specialist keeps the public book. Market-Makers on the CBOE can see the highest bid and lowest offer at any time. The specialist's book is closed (only he knows at what price and in what quantity the nearest public orders are). See also Market-Maker and Specialist.

Public Book of Order

A list of all buy and sell orders for a certain security that were placed by members of the public. The public book contains orders that have not yet been filled. The orders, however, are not public; only the book keeper has access to the details of most orders. Market makers and specialists have access only to the highest and lowest orders in order to facilitate trade.
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The book Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest Your Perfect Match, which she has written with her husband Nikolas Ouranos, is a bestseller in both Greece and Cyprus and has been voted as one of the top 10 well-being books for 2015 at the Public Book Awards, chosen by the customers of Public stores.
It is strongly advised members of the public book a place in advance for the activities.
Area happenings on October 24 will include a free public book signing from 1 - 3 pm at the Tidewater Winery where New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author, Cat Johnson will be available to meet fans of her Oklahoma Nights series, which features the town of Drumright, and local businesses Joseph's Fine Foods and the Tidewater Winery.
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A COUNCIL has opened a public book of condolence to remember the victims of the terrorist outrage in Tunisia last week.
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The event will be from 11am-midday and followed by a public book signing.
Public book burnings of Aylisli's works, some organized by the ruling party, have taken place in several cities in Azerbaijan.
Andrejevic's suggestion of a public book archive, for example, offers the possibility of folding some forms of artistic and creative work into the public service model formerly associated with broadcasting--while also adjusting the terms of copyright to ensure that market-generated content only enters after a reasonable term.
So widespread were public book collections that it was impossible to find a mosque or a learning institute of any sort, throughout the land of Islam, without a collection of books placed at the disposal of students or readers.