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A subdivision used in local governments in a number of countries. Wards are sometimes the constituencies for local, elected officials. They are often equivalent to a neighborhood or a portion of county.


See guardian.

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Acute psychiatric wards were defined as those that primarily serve acutely mentally disordered adults, taking admissions in the main directly from the community, and not offering long-term care or accommodation.
However, it recognized that it was conceivable that retention in the hospital's psychiatric ward whether for rest or observation, or other purpose related to the patient's condition, could be considered treatment.
Presiding Judge Toru Yoshida said the hospital ''should have set aside a safe place for doctors to escape to, as psychiatric ward patients sometimes take unpredictable actions.
Demarse found that the locking latches in Glynn-Johnson's Series 9000 could address the issues in both the ORs and the psychiatric ward by combining the convenience of a latch with the security of a lock.
But these studies, he says, show that "prediction of violence on a psychiatric ward can be done.
Cleaning Service in Local Psychiatry Esbjerg, East Street 12, 6700 Esbjerg - Local Psychiatry Middelfart, TeglgENrdsparken 101 5500 Middelfart - Psychiatric Ward Esbjerg, Gl.
THE decision to detain an anorexic woman on a psychiatric ward over fears for her life is set to be reviewed on Friday.
WORCESTER -- A Spencer man told investigators he attempted to smother a fellow patient in the psychiatric ward at UMass Memorial Medical Center Tuesday because the victim looked like his biological father, according to court records.
Former Disney star Amanda Bynes, who made her name in the movie Hairspray, was reportedly being held in detention in a psychiatric ward after she allegedly started a "campfire" in a stranger's driveway.
GARDAI are investigating complaints that a busy psychiatric ward has had drugs smuggled in.
She's back in the Hamptons after a trip to Japan, this time looking for answers about her mother at a hospital's psychiatric ward.