Proxy Fight

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Proxy fight

Often used in risk arbitrage. Technique used by an acquiring company to attempt to gain control of a takeover target. The acquirer tries to persuade the shareholders of the target company that the present management of the firm should be ousted n favor of a slate of directors favorable to the acquirer, thus enabling the acquiring company to gain control of the company without paying a premium price.

Proxy Fight

Competition of outside group with management for stockholders' proxies in order to accumulate votes to elect a new board of directors.
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Proxy Fight

A situation in which two investors (usually two companies) compete with one another in the attempt to gain the proxy votes of shareholders in a third company. The two investors engage in the proxy fight because both wish to have enough proxy to elect a new board of directors that will effectively do whatever the investor wants. The winner of a proxy fight, if any, is able to control the third company through the board of directors and does not need to directly acquire it, though many often do anyway.
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proxy fight

A contest among two or more opposing forces to solicit stockholders' proxies and, in effect, to gain control of the firm through the election of directors. It is usually quite difficult to wrest control from the existing management through a proxy fight, but the tactic has been used, for example, by some suitors in takeover attempts.
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Theoretical Framework (Proxy War Theory of Realism)
Interestingly, proxy wars are as old as the phenomena of conventional war itself, said Prof Riffat.
Syed Rifaat Hussain, a professor at the Department of Government and Public Policy of National University of Science and Technology (NUST), said the term 'proxy wars' was a contested notion.
This war of words may lead to a military clash in the Gulf or in Lebanon, further escalation in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, where Iran has a strong presence, and further proxy wars, unless the Americans take direct action against Iranian troops in Syria and Iraq.
He went on to explain that what is going on in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen are direct and indirect proxy wars led by Saudi Arabia
All and sundry know the conflicts in these two Muslim countries are proxy wars. In both cases, we see fighters from the two main Islamic sects, Sunni and Shia, facing off on the battlefield.
A proxy war in Afghanistan must be avoided as it would further deteriorate the situation, he concluded.
"It does not want a proxy war between Iran and the United States on Afghanistan.
It alone has the power to authorize or declare a war of the magnitude toward which we may be headed because of proxy wars about which the American people know next to nothing.
Those who've waged proxy wars for foreigners on Afghan soil for twenty years?
According to this mentality, the arms race and a dozen little proxy wars were just a part of our cavalry's pacification of the hostiles.
During the cold war period, United States and the Soviet Union were involved in a series of conflicts around the world such as in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East, which were known as proxy wars. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was also a proxy war in which the Soviet troops supported the communist government in Pakistan and fought against the Afghan Mujahideens (freedom fighters), who were being backed by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.