Master pension plan

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Master pension plan

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Master Pension Plan

A retirement plan designed by a bank or other financial institution. When creating or updating employee benefits for a company, an employer may look at a master pension plan and adapt it to the company's individual needs. It is also called a prototype plan.
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Members of the school's gardening club are busy making a shelter for insects in the shape of the nearby tower at the Rugby Cement plant, after their prototype plans won a place to be exhibited at the prestigious RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in June.
Third, the IB sets forth the DOL's views of ERISA Sections 3(2), 3(5) and 514 as they apply to state-run master and prototype plans, state-run MEPs and state-run marketplaces.
Other measures such as an optimized envelope have been incorporated into prototype plans for hot humid and mixed humid climates, as well as properly sized HVAC equipment for all new and replacement equipment.
SEP prototype plans are provided by financial institutions (with or without a fee).
Wilton-based Renew is helping to finance three waste to energy plants for Community Renewable Energy (CoRE) - in return for plant prototype plans that will be rolled out across the North-east.
As the plans' sponsor, JMFH had an obligation to ensure that (1) its prototype plans complied with federal law and (2) its clients amended their individual plans to comply with changes in federal law.
Copies of Form 5300, used for custom designed plans, and Form 5307, used for master or prototype plans (see below), can be found at
However, many small employers use prototype plans that are sponsored by such organizations as banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds, insurance companies and other organizations.
Under the new system, the IRS will review changes proposed for individually designed plans every 5 years and plans for "pre-approved plans," which are officially called "volume submitter plans" and "master and prototype plans" every 6 years, according to the text of the revenue procedure.
Many small employers adopt prototype plans and assume that they will be valid.
He told how he had virtually unlimited access to prototype plans at BAC - now British Aerospace.
The book includes sample clauses for equalization-of-rates marital deduction, zero-tax marital deduction, generation-skipping exemption, and surtax avoidance prototype plans. In addition, the book offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of both the income and transfer tax principles that serve as the conceptual underpinning of all the plans.

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