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a court order issued to a person or company requiring them to desist from behaving in ways which are harmful to other people. See CONTRACT, TORT.


A court order requiring a party to do something,or to stop doing something,until further notice.If the party fails to perform according to the injunction, then the party will be required to appear in court, defend his or her actions, and show cause why he or she should not be held in contempt of court.If held in contempt,the party may be ordered to pay a fine,may be jailed until the contempt is cured,or could suffer both consequences.

Injunctions come in three varieties:

1. Temporary restraining order (TRO). Usually obtainable with little or no notice to the defendant, sometimes as quickly as within an hour or so if the complaining party can convince a judge that there is immediate risk of irreparable harm if the restraining order is not issued.

2. Preliminary injunction. Usually issued after a TRO, if the judge decides that an injunction should remain in effect until such time as there can be a full trial on the merits of the case. Failure to obtain a TRO does not mean a judge will not issue a preliminary injunc- tion; it simply means the judge did not agree with the plaintiff's evaluation of the neces- sity for urgent action.

3. Final injunction. The final order issued by a court after it has heard all the evidence and legal arguments for and against the injunction. The order is a final order, from which the parties may appeal.

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Sagan, (110) the plaintiffs filed a motion for a protective order to bar the depositions of two of their apex officers.
Once the intervenor is admitted under the protective order, do not be afraid to make the first call.
Anyone who has ever handled a products liability lawsuit is familiar with the onerous protective orders that manufacturers insist on and that state and federal courts routinely grant.
It reviews the effectiveness of police arrest, protective orders, prosecution, victim advocacy, court responses, batterer's intervention programs as a condition of probation, and domestic violence coordinated community responses.
1997), the court denied the apex protective order for the chairman of Federated Department Stores because the contract at issue "grew out of discussions that involved [the apex official]," the apex official was involved in "10 to 20 meetings on the subject" and to "say that only discussions of contractual language are relevant and that discussions of concepts are not is simply absurd.
33) When a protective order is imposed on discovery materials and publication or dissemination of the material is prohibited, this order is analogous to a prior restraint(34) on the litigant's speech.
Lastly, plaintiffs argue that this Court should grant their request for a protective order, so as to shift the burden on defendant to prove that the information it seeks is "material and necessary" for its defense in this action.
14) Indeed, courts and commentators have recognized the irreparable harm public dissemination of confidential information will cause to a corporate defendant and that "the more widely confidential documents are disseminated, it becomes both more likely that those documents will be released, and more difficult for the Court to enforce the terms of its protective order.
She outlined her intention to seek the protective order in a filing on Monday in Baltimore City Circuit Court.
The first thing you should seek is a protective order where any proprietary information is filed with the court under seal.

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