Proprietary fund

Proprietary Fund

A mutual fund sponsored and managed by a certain financial institution. For example, all funds managed by Bank XYZ are considered Bank XYZ's proprietary funds. While some financial institutions offer other institutions funds along with their own, many only sell their own proprietary funds to investors.
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Proprietary fund.

Proprietary mutual funds are offered for sale by the financial institution -- such as a bank, investment company, or brokerage firm -- that sponsors the funds.

Characteristically, the funds' names include the name of the institution. For example, a hypothetical bank called Last Bank might offer a Last Bank Growth Fund or a Last Bank Capital Appreciation Fund.

Some institutions market only their proprietary funds, while others offer both their own funds and funds sponsored by others.

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In 2017, Chartwell organized its own stand-alone trust and moved each of the Funds into its own proprietary fund family, building a fund complex with a total of over 9,000 shareholder accounts.
His expertise includes equity research, proprietary fund management for bank treasuries and investment advisory.
(ICMI), has served as investment adviser and manager of managers for the Penn Series Funds, Inc., a proprietary fund complex.
Daley, executive vice president of Richman, "Fund 88, along with several proprietary fund executions, puts Richman on track in 2012 to close almost $1 billion in equity investments in affordable multifamily, senior and special needs properties throughout the U.S.
Further, fixed assets might also have been acquired from proprietary fund, which is showing 47 percent proprietary funds for the study period.
Delivered via Sauer Caputal's proprietary fund accounting platform, the automated service enables fund managers to easily segregate illiquid investments.
Proprietary fund reporting concentrates on operating income determination, changes in net assets, financial position, and cash flows.
Wit Capital Group Inc, parent of online investment banking firm Wit Capital Corp, says it has closed its first proprietary fund, Arista Capital Partners LP, a $39.5m internet-related private equity fund.
In proprietary fund financial statements and government-wide financial statements, the entire amount of the equity interest would be recorded in financial statements prepared using the economic resources measurement focus and the accrual basis of accounting.
After adopting Concepts Statement 4, GASB began to consider whether transactions addressed in new accounting standards resulted in reporting items in the government-wide and proprietary fund statements of net assets (and sometimes in the fiduciary funds statement of net assets) that met the definitions of deferred outflows and deferred inflows.
In addition to our multi-investor fund offerings, Richman had several proprietary fund programs which closed throughout 2011."