Proprietary fund

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Proprietary Fund

A mutual fund sponsored and managed by a certain financial institution. For example, all funds managed by Bank XYZ are considered Bank XYZ's proprietary funds. While some financial institutions offer other institutions funds along with their own, many only sell their own proprietary funds to investors.

Proprietary fund.

Proprietary mutual funds are offered for sale by the financial institution -- such as a bank, investment company, or brokerage firm -- that sponsors the funds.

Characteristically, the funds' names include the name of the institution. For example, a hypothetical bank called Last Bank might offer a Last Bank Growth Fund or a Last Bank Capital Appreciation Fund.

Some institutions market only their proprietary funds, while others offer both their own funds and funds sponsored by others.

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Besides the claims of breach of fiduciary duty made of late against plan sponsors that offer proprietary funds, there have been claims of prohibited transactions.
For example, the investment lineup for many plans includes proprietary funds run by the recordkeeper or an affiliate.
Many of the proprietary funds had and continue to have poor performance histories compared to prudent alternatives defendants could have chosen for inclusion in the plan.
In addition, as part of their efforts to educate and empower investors, Tony and Creative Planning have launched Second Opinion, a program that analyzes a client or prospect's financial statements to uncover potential red flags in their existing portfolios such as proprietary funds, high-commission products, underperforming funds, and more.
7% of poorly performing proprietary funds are replaced, compared with 25% for nonproprietary funds.
Fund families involved in plan design work with plan sponsors to create menus that serve the interests of plan participants, but they also have an incentive to promote their own proprietary funds when more suitable options may be available from other fund families.
Over the years, CEL has explored and invested in numerous high-growth-potential Chinese enterprises with overseas investors through its international management platform, in addition to private equity funds, venture capital funds, sector funds, mezzanine funds, hedge funds and proprietary funds.
As indicated above, some jurisdictions fund these projects from the general fund, and others use separate proprietary funds.
In addition, if HNW assets continue to flow to autonomous providers, including RIAs and family offices, opportunities increase exponentially since these firms truly rely on open architecture, without the common obstacle of proprietary funds presented by many legacy providers.
Companies generally offered fewer than 10 proprietary funds covering basic asset classes such as large-cap growth and value, bonds and money market funds.
The firm has also announced that it is closing its proprietary funds, Gulfmena Opportunities and Gulfmena Access.