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Commenting on the proposed reforms, School and Mass Education Minister Sameer Ranjan Das said, "In every classroom there will be a register, in which teachers will have to mark the time of their entry and exit, subjects that they taught and the number of students present in their class."
Participants of the meeting stressed that they appreciate the proposed reforms since they stipulate the introduction of a transparent mechanism for efficient distribution of incentives for renewable energy through auction systems and direct citizen participation and local communities on the energy transition in BiH.
The proposed reform ordinance gives overriding powers to the prime minister of Pakistan.
Despite the fact that Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairwoman Mary Schapiro said in mid-August that she had received word from three commissioners--including Luis Aguilar, a Democrat--that they would not support her proposed reforms, the two Republican commissioners came out with their own "way forward" in reforming the funds.
The administration's proposed reforms would attempt to harmonize and simplify the two major export control systems.
THE proposed reform of adult care supposed to improve care in the community will not succeed because the reforms are in the interest of saving money, not improving community care.
In addition, the proposed reform gives the force of law to the biblical principle of "Have you murdered and also inherited?" and stipulates that a child who intentionally killed or murdered his or her parent cannot inherit the victim's assets.
The walkout - the eighth such action since May - was designed to protest against a proposed reform to the retirement system.
* Will the proposed reform produce an education of the quality needed to effectively prepare young people to lead fulfilling and contributing lives, to be productively employed, and to be responsible citizens in a democratic society?
Proposed reform measures included easing restrictions on medical advertising and on staff-supply services and allowing stock companies to join the operation of public nursery schools.
Germany's commercial banks and the public sector banks have welcomed the proposed reform plan.
Secondly they say the 1707 Treaty of Union with Scotland would be violated by the proposed reform.

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